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The Athleisure Trend Ain't Going Nowhere

Hello! I'm back with another blog post, this time with a slightly different theme. Since this blog is in its beginnings, I thought I'd branch out slightly and blog about fashion. A little known fact about me is that I used to work in the fashion industry. Although I gave that up a few years ago to pursue a career in illustration, it's still framed the way I view things.

By the way, if you've not been to this blog before, welcome! Let me introduce myself briefly - I'm Shoshana (pronounced Shuh-sha-na). I'm a London based illustrator, with a love of watercolours, inks and gouache.

I've illustrated 5 of my favourite athleisure picks out there at the moment.

Illustrations by Shoshy Cadoodle®

Where to get these athelisure picks:

Sports bra by Victoria's Secret

Mesh leotard by Michi

Crop top by Adidas

Wrap top by Free People

Shorts by Free People

(Free People have a sub brand now called FP movement, including dance and surf wear.)

So... athleisure, what's the deal? Athleisure was a term coined to describe wearing gym, work out or dance clothes, when you're not exercising. At first, cynics mocked the trend, with hilarious videos, such as the Van Vuuren Bros' "ACTIVEWEAR" video:

However, since then, people have become more and more accepting of work out gear being worn in unexpected places. I've also started to get more on board with the change. Think about it this way, women didn't start wearing trousers until the 1920s or 30s and were expected to wear skirts and dresses before that. Let's face it - a skirt isn't always the most practical piece of clothing when you're running around, cycling or working. So thinking about the athleisure trend as a societal shift, makes it seem as though this could be more than just a trend and something here to stay. Personally, I'm pretty excited about being able to wear clothes that facilitate movement well, are comfortable and look good.

What do you think about athelisure? Is it a silly fad, or do you think it's the new way forward?

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