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How to create wax seals for wedding invitations

Ever wondered how to create wax seals for wedding invitations? Making those gorgeous wax seals are actually really easy, and something anyone can try, so long as the have the right tools. In this blog post, I'll show you how to create wax seals using the melting spoon method. I've also made a video, down below, to guide you through creating your wax seals, step by step.

White wax seal on a forest green wedding envelope
White wax seal

Wax seals: tools you need

  • A wax seal stamp

  • Wax beads (or sealing wax cut into small pieces)

  • A melting spoon

  • A tealight candle

  • A spoon rest to fit over your candle (if you don't have this, you'll need to hold your spoon over the candle)

  • Your wedding invitation

  • Your wedding invitation envelope

Although it's obvious, I still feel obliged to say, please be careful when working with fire! Save long sleeved floaty tops for another occasion, and don't allow very young children access to your tools.

Floral garden wedding invitation with sealing wax tools
Have matches or a lighter and a tealight candle ready

Wax seal stamps come in so many varieties, but you can't go wrong with a beautiful foliage design, like this rosemary one.

White wax seal and wax stamp with rosemary leaves

A spoon rest for your melting spoon is optional really, but it does make the job easier.

wax seal beads on melting spoon and wax seal spoon rest next to wedding invitation

Method for how to make wax seals

  • First, pop your invitation into the envelope and seal it as you would normally. This helps make sure your invitation will be securely sealed, rather than just relying on the wax seal to seal it.

  • Next, light your tealight candle. Place the lit candle under the spoon rest (see the video below), with the spoon on top of the rest. Take 2-3 wax beads and put them in the spoon rest.

  • Now wait for your wax beads to become molten. Once the sealing wax has become completely liquified, pour it onto the envelope flap, right in the middle.

  • Wait for about 2 seconds before placing your wax stamp onto the molten wax. Leave it standing here for a little while (at least 10 seconds is wise). Then carefully remove it and lo and behold, you have a beautifully wax sealed wedding invitation!

Here's a video of me demonstrating how to make your wax seals for your wedding invitations.

floral monogram wedding invitation calligraphy addressed envelope raw silk ribbon

Make sure to address your envelopes before sealing them, as once the wax seal is on, your envelope will not be flat and will be harder to write on. Calligraphy looks lovely with a wax sealed envelope.

White or cream wax seals are very on trend at the moment. There's something elegant about a white wax seal, and it goes with every type of wedding invitation.

white wax seal on white envelope with illustrated floral garden wedding invitation

Shoshy Cadoodle botanical wedding stationery with a focus on foliage and a white wax seal

tropical leaves wedding stationery set illustrated in watercolour paints and wax seal stamp

My wax stamp has a wooden handle, but you can find wax stamps with metal handles, with some very intricate designs.

If you have any questions about wax seals, please do get in touch with me via my contact page or by email and I'll do my best to help.

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