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If you're planning a party, an event or a wedding, modern calligraphy, brush lettering or watercolour illustration is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to the day. When your guests see their name in beautiful hand lettered script, they're certain to feel that fluttery feeling, that you just don't get from computer font or ordinary hand writing!

Modern calligraphy workshops are another way to make an event special, from hen parties, PR events to corporate dos, they're a relaxing and fun way to get people together and learn a new skill. The class will start with the very basics, from how to hold your calligraphy pen correctly, to basic mark making exercises to learning the modern calligraphy rules and when to break them, mastering a calligraphy alphabet and finding inspiration to create your own unique modern calligraphy style. After all, that's what modern calligraphy is all about, creating beautiful pieces of hand lettering that's individual to your personality and taste. You may find you like a formal style of calligraphy, or you may prefer a calligraphy style that's a bit more loose and relaxed. These workshops can be tailored to your needs. If you have an idea for a spin on a workshop, to make the calligraphy more suited to your event, for example, using your wedding theme colours or your brand's signature tones, do reach out to Shoshy to see what she can do.

Design and Live Art Events

Shoshy is available to hire for modern calligraphy event stationery design, from calligraphy wedding invitations to calligraphy for press and blogger launch events, in-store events or experiential marketing events. She can do live brush lettering and hand lettering design, to offer a personal, interactive touch to your event. This works amazingly well for people who want their guests to feel inspired and that they are getting something special to take home.

You may want Shoshy to host a modern calligraphy group class for corporate events, company parties, private parties, team building, festivals or campaigns. Or, alternatively, you can ask for a modern calligraphy private workshops for a one on one class, or a small class, for more personalised guidance.

She also works as a workshop leader for other types of craft workshops including painting and handmade paper making.

Watercolour illustration combined with modern calligraphy workshops are another popular request for those who want to mix things up a bit.

Shoshy also takes on watercolour, modern calligraphy, illustration and handlettering commissions. As well as modern calligraphy and brush lettering workshops and live events, Shoshy illustrates by hand and digitally and has worked on children's picture books, editorial work, illustrated maps and greeting cards.

Shoshy is based in London, UK, but travels to New York a few times a year to see the American side of her family. She can work remotely for commissioned work, or travel to work on projects outside of London and the UK. 

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