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Modern calligraphy and watercolours workshop in London - NEW date announced!

Since the modern calligraphy and watercolours workshops that I hosted in North London sold out so quickly in December, I've been busy planning my next class in London.

It's taken some careful planning to scout out London spaces right for this class, but I'm pleased to say the next modern calligraphy and watercolours workshop is bookable now.

  • It will be held on Sunday, 26th February, 2017.

  • From 12-1:30pm.

  • In London

The modern calligraphy and watercolours workshop is a lovely way to learn something new and cultivate skills you can use to make pretty artwork incorporating hand lettering with delicate watercolours; address envelopes beautifully or perhaps even have a go at designing your own watercolour and modern calligraphy invitations for birthday parties, engagements or weddings!

The modern calligraphy part of the class will revolve around the brush pen, which has a very different feel from pointed pens. Pointed pens can sometimes feel a little scratchy with their metal nibs and awkward to use with the pen holder. Whereas the special Japanese brush pens you'll learn how to use in this class are much more forgiving, smooth, flexible and feel a pleasure to use! They're the perfect tool for beginners and they can produce such amazing results that once you advance your skills, you'll want to keep using the brush pen. At the end of the class you'll get to take home the special Japanese brush pen, so you can keep up the modern calligraphy skills you learn in the class.

We'll work through exercises that will build your confidence levels up, starting with the basics through demonstrations and one-on-one teaching. The class is designed for beginners in mind to flourish in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

So book now, before tickets sell out for February's modern calligraphy and watercolours class in London!

modern calligraphy watercolours workshop London

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