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Challenging Hen Party Stereotypes with Modern Calligraphy

Earlier this month, I was booked in to host a modern calligraphy class for a hen party in South London. The location was lovely, in a neighbourhood of London I'd not spent much time in before, and the hen party organisers had booked a private room in a very pretty pub.

modern calligraphy hen party

The hen party consisted of about 10 people and was mixed gender which I thought was great! My wife's hen party, three years ago, had also included her male friends and why shouldn't all your friends be able to celebrate with you? After the calligraphy class, the hen party group were going out to a supper club, another thing that I thought sounded amazing!

In recent years, hen parties have been seen as wild events. Events that you need to go over the top, and then some more, with, in terms of alcohol and sexual innuendos. But, in the end, isn't it really about having fun, bonding and celebrating an important moment in the bride-to-be's life? People's concepts of fun will always vary, of course, but I really liked the attitudes I saw at this hen party. The whole hen party group was relaxed, sharing anecdotes, getting to know each other (there were friends from all different parts of the bride's life), and giggles were aplenty!

hen party mixed gender

I have to admit, I might be old fashioned, but I'm never a big fan of peer-pressure when it comes to drinking. I am content in accepting that I have outgrown overcrowded night clubs, where social norms and common decency are things that have been tossed out the window and the floors are sticky! I went to my cousin's hen party last weekend, which consisted of a visit to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason. She also had a separate friends-only hen party, and I was secretly glad that I am family, because I'm sure the family hen party was much tamer and more my cup of tea!

hen party modern calligraphy bunting

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