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New nautical, beach themed invitation suite

I've just designed a new beach themed wedding invitation set. I loved painting all the little details, especially the turtle, the starfish and the twirly-whirly shell. That type of shell, (that I've very scientifically identified as of the twirly-whirly variety), is always my favourite to find on the beach, because they remind me of turrets and winding staircases in magical fairytale castles.

As a set, this invitation suite is bright, cheery and playful, with a truly laid-back, carefree spirit. It suits the kind of couple who aren't necessarily the old-school traditional type; but who have a joyful outlook on life, and are keen to make their own, unique traditions! If you're having a beach or harbour wedding, my suspicion is that, that description probably sums you up pretty well!

The front of the invite design includes all the important details, decorated with watercolour illustrations to create a light hearted vibe.

The back of the invitation is simple and sweet with two painted seahorses, the couples' names and the date of their big day.

The RSVP card in the set is kept simple, punctuated with an illustrated shell.

The information card is also of minimal design with an anchor illustration.

Beach theme wedding nautical harbour invites

Beach theme wedding nautical harbour invites

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