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Brush Letter a Christmas Bauble Workshop

On 29th November, I'll be hosting a Christmas bauble brush lettering workshop at Zebra Ceramics. You can book tickets here.

Christmas brush lettering bauble

During the workshop, using demonstrations and guided exercises I'll teach you how to first use the brush on paper to create a brush lettered alphabet and then how to put together brush lettered words. I'll show you how to apply your newfound skills to painting on a ceramic bauble with your own name or someone else's name. You'll learn tips on how to get the best finish for your bauble, making it a beautiful gift or keepsake for yourself.

Your hand painted bauble will then go through a special process, expertly carried out by the wonderful staff at Zebra Ceramics. This will involve your bauble being glazed, fired and finally a beautiful metal fastening will be added, ready for your bauble to be hung on the tree! You'll be able to collect your beautiful shiny bauble 10 days after the workshop.

Christmas personalised initial bauble

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