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Wedding Trends 2020/2021 - wedding invitations and stationery

What are the biggest wedding stationery trends for 2020 and 2021? Let's look at some of the trends that are set to be big in wedding invitations, this year and next.

1. Individuality

One of the biggest trends that’s been emerging for a while is based on celebrating your individuality and your story as a couple. Gone are the days of previous generations, where wedding invitations were pretty plain and simple… although we are still seeing minimalism as a separate trend, really what I think is going to be big in 2020 and 2021 is showcasing your uniqueness in your personalities, your interests, your tastes and looking to artists and illustrators to create something bespoke for you. I saw lots of couples in 2019 asking for things like incorporating illustrations of their pets; having custom crests commissioned with their favourite flowers; or adding an illustrated map that includes your wedding venue and a few key places with special memories attached. For example, like the restaurant you had your first date at or the place where you got engaged. Illustration is a really great way to take the individuality trend and make the most of it, because you can get really creative and so specific to yourselves. This trend also elevates your invitations not just to be another run of the mill invite, but something of a keepsake that you and your guests will want to hold on to.

Commissioning a custom crest with your favourite flowers, is one way to take on the individuality trend, but the options are limitless.

2. Sustainability

The next big trend I’m seeing in stationery is actually a trend that we’re seeing everywhere now in our society. And that is sustainability and eco-concious, environmentally friendly weddings. And that’s definitely coming into wedding stationery too. So the most important thing to look for in your paper goods, is that the paper comes from sustainable forests. All of the card and paper I use, comes FSC certified. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council and they’re an organisation that makes sure we’re all being responsible with the world’s forests. So that’s the number one thing to look for.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've also seen a rise in a trend that goes against this one with acrylic stationery and signage... and as a wedding stationer, acrylic invitations and signage is not something I offer, as I would rather support the plastic-free wedding movement that's thankfully becoming more widespread.

Shoshy Cadoodle FSC certified paper and card

3. Botanicals - especially greenery

Illustrated florals on invitations are now steadily moving towards a bigger focus on greenery and foliage. Florals will still feature on stationery, but with a wilder feel, rather than the more traditional classic look. For foliage, think a variety of eucalyptus leaves, myrtle and delicate asparagus fern. Also, featuring under this umbrella trend, is the tropical botanical look, including palm, banana leaves and monstera leaves (better known as the cheese plant, as it's famous for its swiss cheese like holes.)

The greenery botanical trend works harmoniously with watercolours, as it's a type of medium that allows you to achieve such a beautiful and subtle variation in colour and tones. More and more couples are going to do away with matching exact colour palettes, and going for a slightly looser take on their colourways, with palettes seen as starting points as opposed to strict laws to abide by.

Shoshy Cadoodle botanical wedding stationery with a focus on foliage

Part of Shoshy Cadoodle's tropical house collection, showcasing lots of greenery

4. Modern Calligraphy in two ways

Modern calligraphy, (basically calligraphy that's not afraid to break the rules of traditional calligraphy,) is going to appear on wedding stationery in two ways this year and next. There's pointed pen calligraphy, which is often done with standard ink colours like black or brown... and then there's watercolour calligraphy, which has the flexibility to vary more in tone and colour and is usually done with a paintbrush.

Modern calligraphy illustrated map, featuring watercolour calligraphy

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