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FREE printable Christmas modern calligraphy envelope liner

modern calligraphy christmas envelope liners
Modern calligraphy envelope liners designed by Shoshy Cadoodle

Since I'm about to start teaching my Christmas modern calligraphy workshops with the London Craft Club, I have designed a modern calligraphy envelope liner as a freebie that you can download and print at home to make your Christmas cards look really special.

Right click/control click the image below and select "open image in a new tab" from the drop down menu. Once the image is in a new tab you can print it using your browser (File > print). Before printing, check the printing settings to make sure it's scaled at 100%. If it's printed smaller or larger the sizing will be off for the envelopes, so checking the scale is important. The envelope liner is designed to fit an A6 size envelope with a curved flap. It fits printed on an A4 size paper, portrait layout. Then it will need to be trimmed with scissors, or a guillotine for the straight lines and scissors for the curvy bits. Once you've cut it out, slip it into your envelope and stick it down using a glue stick.

modern calligraphy christmas envelope liner
A6 envelope liner with Christmas modern calligraphy, print at 100% scale

The envelope liner looks lovely in red envelopes, but it would also look great in a fir green, a brown or a cream coloured envelope.

These modern calligraphy envelope liners are simple but fun

If you've been to one of my Christmas modern calligraphy classes, I hope you like these envelope liners to go with your modern calligraphy Christmas cards! If you haven't been yet and live in London, why not book onto a class to make your Christmas cards and tags extra special this year? You'll learn a skill that you can use for years to come. After all, like they say, modern calligraphy is for life, not just for Christmas!

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